Campaign 2014

Note: this is an archived version of the original campaign website

As a young person in the community, I believe we need to take the long view on our city’s future. In addition to facing the immediate challenges of the present day, we need to plan for the decades to come. It’s highly likely that 50 years down the road, I’ll still be here along with many of the other youth who are supporting me. The decisions our city makes today will have a definite impact down the line.

What is my vision for Prince George in 50 years? I want Prince George to be a community that provides opportunities for all. I want Prince George residents to be inspired, empowered and connected to one another, and the world at large. I’ve identified three strategies that I feel are critical for achieving this vision: transportation, representation, and celebration. Please browse below to learn more.


A good transportation network should bring people together, not split them apart. A good transportation network must avoid deteriorating the natural environment, and aesthetic of the community. And above all, a good transportation network should provide Prince George’s residents and visitors with opportunities to: earn a living, pursue education, be with friends and family, seek…


Diversity is the key to success in any system. Diversity creates strength, wealth, equity, creativity, and beauty. In order to be stronger, smarter, and more engaging, our governments need to be more diverse. “Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody” – Jane Jacobs,…


How can we transform politics? All too often, politics make us feel angry, sad, and disappointed. Our political debates are littered with accusations, condemnations, and outright bickering. The political discourse has become so toxic that many of us are shutting politics out completely. We are all political animals, but few of us wish to bring this kind of negativity in…


If you are someone who can vouch for my service and commitment to the community, please consider providing a testimonial. Simply fill out this form to provide a small paragraph of testimonial. You will also find some guiding questions there if you need a little help.


I can’t do it alone. I need your help. Here’s how you can lend your support: 1. Vote: Seriously. We all have busy lives, but this opportunity only comes once every four years. Please don’t miss it. If you don’t believe that voting changes anything, now is the time to change that. 2. Volunteer: I…