How can we transform politics?

All too often, politics make us feel angry, sad, and disappointed. Our political debates are littered with accusations, condemnations, and outright bickering. The political discourse has become so toxic that many of us are shutting politics out completely. We are all political animals, but few of us wish to bring this kind of negativity in our lives.

I believe that re-framing the political discourse and re-engaging our citizens requires a commitment to positive words and actions.

We need to stop hating and start celebrating!

We spend so much time feeling like victims of the system that we forget that being a Canadian citizen is something to celebrate. Canada is the ninth wealthiest nation in the world, third most prosperous nation in the world, and sixth happiest nation in the world. Canada provides one of the best opportunities in the world for health, wealth, and the pursuit of happiness. Great inequities still exist, but many of us are empowered to change that.

In Prince George, we have many things to celebrate, as well: our city is filled with environmental, cultural, and societal amenities. We have state of the art medical facilities, world class sporting facilities, highly ranked educational institutions, and more. We have museums, galleries, parks, playgrounds, libraries, theatres, performance spaces, pools, arenas, trails, and rivers. Our business community is thriving from retail and service, to manufacturing. We are connected to the world through major highways, rail lines, and an international airport. Most importantly, Prince George has an extraordinary wealth of human capital, and each of us has the opportunity to create community, affect change, and adapt to the changes that come.

Every single person in Prince George has the capacity for leadership.

Leadership isn’t just for politicians. I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead within their own communities, and my approach to politics is to empower you to do so. As a City Councillor, I will be committed to supporting and celebrating the great work of our community leaders and organizations. I want to ensure that there are endless ways for our citizens to connect with one another, and contribute to their community. I want to champion our volunteer sector; after all, we are the volunteer capital!

Politicians are citizens too, and a part of our community. We need to support them when they make the right decisions. If they lose their way, we need to step up. Don’t like what your politicians are doing? Show them how it’s done!

Stop complaining, and start changing!

Only you have the ability to represent yourself fully and completely, and you (yes, you!) have the power to make change in your community. Want some tips on how to complain less and do more? Check out this great article.

Featured photo by Shawn Haines

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