A good transportation network should bring people together, not split them apart. A good transportation network must avoid deteriorating the natural environment, and aesthetic of the community. And above all, a good transportation network should provide Prince George’s residents and visitors with opportunities to:

  • earn a living,
  • pursue education,
  • be with friends and family,
  • seek out services and assistance,
  • and be a part of the community

A safe, reliable, efficient, equitable, and enjoyable transportation network is one my primary focuses. At the core of my policy is a transportation budget that allocates spending on transportation fairly across all modes of transportation.

“An advanced city is not one where even the poor use cars, but rather one where even the rich use public transport.”

– Enrique Peñalosa

Investing equitably in our transportation network means an improvement of our pedestrian, cycling, and transit networks. By focusing investment in these areas, we will be supporting people not only to make better choices for their health and the environment, but also provide more opportunities to people who do not have access to a personal or family vehicle. Investing in our alternative transportation network will also improve recruitment and retention of new residents. Look to the research, it’s clear that supporting and attracting youth requires good public transportation systems.

Where are we now?

The groundwork for these changes has already been laid. In 2011, city council approved the Active Transportation Plan with an implementation strategy for pedestrian and cycling networks; and in 2014, council approved the Prince George Transit Future Plan with a 25 year strategy for the growth of the transit system. As your City Councillor, I am committed to ensuring the vision developed in these plans is implemented.

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Cycling provides an affordable, fun, community-building, and health-building mode of transportation. The recreation opportunities for Prince George cyclists are endless! It’s no secret that I am a cycling advocate. Some of my best experiences working in community development comes from the years I served as chair of the Prince George Cycling Club. When I joined the club,…


Public transit provides a critical service in our community Not everyone has the financial freedom, capability, or desire to own a personal vehicle. With costs of vehicles skyrocketing, many citizens are looking for alternatives to get where they need to go. Transit is especially important for youth, students, seniors, women, new residents, and those living in poverty…


Walking is the simplest and most affordable form of transportation. Walking has a profound influence on our sense of happiness, and our connection to both our community, and our natural environment. There is nothing more liberating that walking out your front door, free of seat belts, gas tanks, helmets, flat tires, bus fares and all the distractions of…