Cycling provides an affordable, fun, community-building, and health-building mode of transportation. The recreation opportunities for Prince George cyclists are endless!

It’s no secret that I am a cycling advocate. Some of my best experiences working in community development comes from the years I served as chair of the Prince George Cycling Club. When I joined the club, we were working with an annual operating budget of less than $8,000, at the time of my resignation, we had an annual operating budget of over $80,000. During my term, I founded Bike to Work Week in Prince George, and the Bike Swap, both now approaching their seventh year of successful operation. In my final year as chair, we made monumental expansions to the Pidherny Recreation Area with two new world class trails. I have installed more bike racks in Prince George than anyone else I know, including the city itself!

Don’t just take my word for it. Listen to a couple of interesting radio segments on the state of cycling in Prince George.

Beyond the cycling projects that I’ve personally spearheaded in Prince George, I’ve also been an active participant in the many planning processes the City has undertaken that involve cycling infrastructure. This includes the Smart Growth on the Ground StrategymyPG, the Community Services Master Plan, and my personal favourite, the Active Transportation Plan. The fundamental groundwork for improvements to the cycling network in the city has been laid, and now is the time for action. I am firmly committed to moving forward the implementation of the recommendations the Active Transportation Plan during my term, including removal of parking from bike lanes, installation of bike racks in public spaces, and improvement or addition of bike lanes wherever coinciding roadworks occur.

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